The Traveler

Hello Friends!

If you haven’t been on social media, you might be glad to hear The Traveler Book is now available! I’m very excited to get this story into the hands of starry humans everywhere. It is my hope that especially the next generation will feel something familiar in the journeys of the little girl in a red dress. In fact, I have made a page here on the website of all my books and where you can find them. I even brought I am You back into publication, despite feeling that I’ve grown so much since writing it. But that is the point, isn’t it? Nothing to be ashamed of. ha! You can find that page HERE.

I’ve just put in the order for the first batch of Traveler books and am anxiously awaiting their arrival to get them out to you! Godspeed little magicks.

A note about shop orders going forward: expect delays. Most of my resources, such as print labs and amazon are experiencing delays under the pressure of the ongoing pandemic. I am doing my best to get orders filled as the shipping industry struggles with extra burden. I am so grateful for the extra orders lately! I am still working my day job in pizza delivery, but business is slow, meaning tips have been less. I’m a single mother again with two of the kids living here with me. So, the extra sales are helping us so much and somehow I know everything is going to be ok. Strange times indeed.

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