the birth of dragons

My dragonstory is a vast and complex one. It began unfolding into my memories in 2015, but as I look back, it was coming to me much earlier. You always carry pieces of your essence throughout your entire life. And when you begin to remember your ancient origins, your Self will bring those pieces back to show you what you’ve always been. Trust them.

I cannot start at the beginning because there was not one. Only the Great Sun, Source and a decision to create.

So I will share what is current.

Now is a birthing process. It began to speed up for me after my surgery to remove the parasite that had taken over my body. To also clear my womb for greater births. To become a stronger portal. So many layers. I reclaimed my space within and without and stepped more fully into my DragonSelf.

The other night I felt the energy come in. It was Monday night. Intense does not begin to describe it. I moved around my room like a caged animal speaking the ancient tongue, I lit all the candles throughout the house, I burned sage grown by a friend here in Kansas. At one point, on all fours, rocking, as one does during birth. None of this made sense at the time. I was just in it. Another point, squatting on the floor, hands against the hard wood, calling something from the ground. There had been an earthquake that morning in Salt Lake. This just now occurred to me as I type. Many of you know my connections to earthquakes and what they do to me.

I cried out to See. I wanted to See, not just with my eyes closed but to see who I feel surrounding me at all times. I felt them come in but could not see them until I closed my eyes. Fine. The tall white column like beings I have felt around me since birth. Confirmed by another seer before I even knew what I was in 2015 when I walked in a room for a reading. They guided me to the bed. I laid flat on my back.

I closed my eyes and saw them bend over me, beginning to work. Their faces. The beauty tore my heart into pieces. They did things to my body but I was unaware of what because I could not stop looking at their faces. I was sobbing. They loved me so.

Shortly after, Grandmother spider in all her terror and beauty walked through my bedroom door, followed by the Dark Mother. Spider was there at my physical birth, when I came out of my earthly mother, knocking her unconscious, two days after a solar eclipse that Monday in October 1976. Through EMDR, I saw my birth that day, wrapped in black silks, witnessed by Spider and many others.

I continued sobbing. The love they had for me, the way they said, “You belong with us, dearheart,” it wrecked me.

I had no idea what had happened. I became very cold, as I have been lately when I visit the Beyond and come back.

I had back pain and what felt like early labor the next day.

The day after I felt them. I was driving around town, delivering pizzas. I saw them in the sky, but still with my mind’s eye. The pieces started coming together. I am a portal. I am a Dragon Mother and they are coming through me. My kin. I saw signs of Dragon everywhere that day. I’m sure you know what that is like, to get confirmation. When the pieces come together now, it is very clear. I trust it, even though it seems impossible. I could not explain how this works if I tried. Doesn’t matter to me anymore.

And my own becoming. The fire that fills me, the recognition of the beautiful monster that I am. I am not safe but I am here for retribution. I am Just. But I am not here to play nice. I have come with great discernment and to clear the fields of those who have molested Gaia and hid her children away. Stepping into this understanding is the only thing that shifts me out of a deep bitterness to be here, trying to be human. Being seen in my Full Truth is the only thing that makes my heart beat.

The Dragons are here. Will we all see them? Maybe. Maybe not. I think those with eyes will. I think those who are also here with dragon essence in a human body will. I think those who are Ancient, who are also portals, anchoring frequency to call out the sleeping Ancients will. It is Time.

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  1. Rhonda Smith

    Words seem inadequate to reflect your experience. So glad you are here.

  2. Julie Your Montinieri

    Carrie, I thrilled to be “here” with you to witness you claiming your power and giving zero fucks what anyone else thinks about it. There is a new certainty in your voice. You have shed the parasite — everything that means — and now you are free. Liberated to liberate others.

    I’m in tears of joy for you.

  3. HP

    Yes. I see all of this while you describe it. Thank you for sharing 🐉

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