I recorded this memory in 2016. I have shared it before but it is important to be here in the Recording of Things now.


“Why have you summoned me here?”

The voice was deep and ancient, dominating the room and reverberating inside the energy fields of all who heard it. Commanding and slightly agitated.

The Dragonform swirled in and out of shape and substance while the council of twelve sat before her, waiting to make their case.

“The time has come for change on Gaia. There will be much turmoil and unrest as many lower forms are released from the crust of the earth. Forms that have been locked away for thousands of years while men molested and pillaged what is good and true.”

The Dragonform shifted into a white haired woman. With thinly veiled rebellion and authority she said, “What makes you think I have any interest in going back there? I’m sure you recall what happened the last time.”

The council sat quietly and seemed to shift in their seats. They remembered. Of course. The damage done to such a creature had created a rift in the already renegade energy field, angering and needing much healing after that incarnation.

“We were hesitant to summon you, Moyana. We do so with great respect for the frequency you carry. If it were not completely necessary, we would not be here in this moment.”

She stood tall and still. “While I do care for Gaia and the fate of her, you know well that I would not be able to express my fullest self there. You know what you are asking of me.”

The council seemed to shrink in size. Yes, they knew well.

“Yes. Unfortunately, after your last incarnation, the Dark have tightened their grip on the planet. They have new requirements should you agree to return.”

Moyana stood rigidly and seemed to grow in height. Her rebellion was known across galaxies. But that was the very thing that made her perfect for this mission.

“Tell me what they require,” she spit the words out at them, remembering the atrocities of her last lifetime in another place on this planet.

The council spoke with one voice, “They require you to take the form of a humanoid.”

The white dragon queen lowered her head. She knew what this would mean. Amnesia, lifetimes of energetic karma, the inability to access many of her powerful gifts. She was torn between the magnitude of what they asked of her and her love of Gaia and it’s people. Not just the humanoids, but the creatures native to this world. The ones who were likely locked away and hiding from those in control now. She knew the scope of what they asked of her. Her frequency was rare.

“You want me to become a virus, carrying the human seed.”


“What are the parameters set forth by the Dark?”

The council shifted uneasily. “They have only indicated that should we send you again, that the lifeform you take will undergo many obstacles.”

Moyana laughed loudly and it rang of dragon fire. “Obstacles?!” She could already form a picture in her mind of what this would entail. The violations they were capable of to keep her from remembering. To keep her from her power. Years before she would begin to remember who she was.

The council interjected her thoughts, “You will be well protected. As best as we can from here. They have many fields up preventing us from fully engaging. But we will be there.”

And then, very quietly, “Please. It is vital. We will help you find the others. Some have gone back. Some are still there. Some are imprisoned.”

She shifted once again to the white dragon, swirling around the room. You could see her memories projected into the fog of her. The circle of dragons. Her family that she lost to the Dark. Her heart pulsed with love for them and the thought of what had happened and making it right pulsed through her. She wasn’t afraid of the Dark but to face them without the embodiment of her full power seemed risky.

As if they could read her mind they said, “We know you like a challenge. While we don’t resonate with the idea of revenge, we will also offer you a chance for retribution while you are there. A holy war, if you will.”

There it was. Her dragon blood sang with the thought. The chance to make things right. To eat the Dark for breakfast and spit out the bones. Send them back to the light of The Central Sun. That seemed worth it. Maybe.

She shifted back to a female form, and nodded to them.

“I will agree.”

“We are honored and humbled by your service. Preparations will be swift.”

A heartbeat filled the watery space around her. Then, a force, pushing a solid form through a space too small for the mass of her. Then, a light and cold. A place unfamiliar. A nagging thought, memory drowned out by the sound of her own voice, screeching into a dense, heavy air. She felt heavy here. She was held by busy hands. She took in a breath, then another. Shock waves enveloped her as she felt into her form. And in the entry, a great shattering of systems.

Helpless, dependent, human, and yet the room was full of invisible protectors.

It had been done.

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    You’re CRUSHING it!

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    Love this.

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    This is beautiful and sad…

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