a reluctant visionary

You might not know this about me, but I am reluctant. To be here at all pisses me off. 😉 But here I am, inundated with the visions I get and watching them all fall into place 4-5 years after getting them. Most of those years have been about owning what I am, going through some extreme transformation; physical and spiritual. And I guess now is as good a time as any to just say to the Universe/God/whatever, OK, I surrender. Even so, it’s always a reluctance. I think it comes from part fear of people thinking I’m insane and part from wondering what the fuck good it does anyway because people are gonna think what they want.

As far as the insanity, I am in very good company since most prophets have been outcasts in society. I will join my brethren I suppose in that regard. And as far as people thinking what they want, I suppose there is freedom there as well because I’m not here to belong. I am here to exist as I Am.


Here is a vision I had September 26, 2015, as I received it, with a few notes to explain various points.

I went through the red door and everything was blood. The whole earth was flooded with blood. I saw Grandfather (a previously met guide) and my other guides floating on something in the blood. They called me over and as I hugged him in relief, he melted in my arms. I watched as all their faces melted off and into the blood. I tried to go to my meadow but it was flooded with blood as well. Turtle had been swimming in it. Everything I knew and was connected to, drowning in the blood. Then Turtle started to drown as well and just then a white fierce dragon swooped in and picked me up. (dragon is one of my selves…I have many)

He said: You are entering a new paradigm. Everything that worked before will no longer work.

We flew above the flooded earth, spirit and soil, He breathed fire over the blood’s surface while we waited.

I thought of the Hanged Man in tarot. I heard: Take comfort in those offering it right now. New friendships, connections. Angels are coming out of the woodwork to support you.


Now. That is a lot and not the only vision I’ve had of massive destruction. In fact, a lot of my visions are such. I am a catalyst energy, so it makes sense. But I don’t want to leave you in fear. I do think things are going to look very ugly and have thought so for some time, as many of you have as well. But even so, I am at peace. I feel activated. And there are things at play that none of us could imagine to some extent. Now is as good a time as any to buckle down, work through your humanity and seek out the spark inside you. That is the key to everything. To take a bird’s eye view and trust that you will be ok. Let the story play out and no matter what, keep your fucking lenses on. xo


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  1. Rhonda Smith

    This reminds me of me…knowing I have a point to bring forth but knowing it makes me seem like a heartless bastard. So far I’ve been hesitant but feel like I am at a turning point.

    The truth that is becoming apparent through the unfolding that there is truth in who we all are. Let’s shed the last remnants of humility to shine.

  2. Julie Your Montinieri

    Or a dragon’s eye view.

    Your voice is needed now Carrie.

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