The Unfolding

Hello to you who have found your way here.

There feels a need to use this space again. I am being inundated with information and pieces coming together about the big picture. Mostly my own journey, which I know from experience has a way of reflecting to others in a useful way when I share my story. But some of the things I want to share are asking to be in a protected space, due to their Other nature. It is time for me to record these happenings again. For those of you wanting to join that protected circle, please let me know and I will give you the password. You can leave a comment here as long as your email is attached, then I can reply there. If I do not reply, that is me using my discernment. Thank you for understanding that I must honor myself above all. But more than likely, only those who can hear me will ask in the first place. So it is.

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  1. Donna Thomasson

    I’d be honored to be in your circle if you’re comfortable with that. ❤️ I love you and have for years.

  2. Antonio Gil

    It is an Honor to be in Your circle.

  3. Dianna

    I would be honored to be part of you circle and witness your journey. 🙏💜

  4. Sara

    I’d love to join your circle Carrie, thank you x

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