The Great Transmutation

I will be sharing bits and pieces that are coming together. I posted this dream when I was blogging before and now we are watching the world’s elite being arrested and infected by the virus, an organization I did not consciously know about until maybe a couple years ago and now I understand. This was one of several dreams I had of this mansion and happenings in basements, many centering around facing this Dark group of beings and/or freeing children. You can google easily enough what and who are being rounded up now.

the great transmutation

Published Date : December 15, 2015

I had this dream last night. One of many recent ones that are very similar. Ones where I am a sort of magician or magical creature (which I am ;), but for my dreams to reflect it either indicates my complete delusion or something I need to pay attention to….no matter). I’ve had some periods of self doubt again lately, but they are getting less as I’ve kept a lot of the magical happenings to a close group of soul sisters in order to build up my confidence.

I thought maybe I had written about some of the dreams, but I couldn’t find them. So the setting for last night’s was this huge house I’ve dreamed of once before. Right in the center of the house is a huge stairway, not unlike the one from Gone with the Wind. Wide and expansive. But everything in this house is made of rich wood. In the last dream featuring this house, I sat at the bottom of the stairs when I found out some dark beings would make their way down and destroy everything in the house. I sat there in meditation and emitted light with my palms up the stairs while they tried, but couldn’t come down.

Last night, Zoe (my daughter) was trying to find a room in which I could write. We went to the top most rooms, which I remembered had been full of dark energy and as we came near the doorway of the first one, I saw the shadow of the bed on the opposite wall. A figure looked to be on the bed but as we made our way into the room, I saw the shadow lay down quickly. I turned the corner in the room and saw no one on the bed. Chills. I felt fear. So I smudged the room with some sage and asked for light to make it’s way in.

At this point, I woke up. But I thought, “I’m not done with this. Not by a long shot. I’m going back to sleep and doing this another way.”

So I tried to sleep again, but couldn’t. However, when I closed my eyes, the dream was still there. I was in it just like before and despite being mostly awake, I was able to continue. I crossed the hall to the other room. The door was shut and I felt a small hand reach up to mine. It wasn’t Zoe. I looked down at my 3 or 4 year old self who looked positively terrified. She said, “We never open that door.”

I felt her terror. My body back in the bed felt chills tingling all throughout. I told her it would be ok because I was going to handle this. She was very brave not to argue. I also showed her the mass of light beings behind us, but they made it clear that I was to do this alone, with their support.

I put my awareness behind the closed door. More chills. More palpable terror. The kind of scared that you feel when you’re afraid of the dark or that something has happened to your child.

In fact, when we opened the door, I stepped in to see dark, dense energy swirling around. Faceless forms shifting and morphing back into clouds. I had this sick feeling that you get when you read about children that have been abused and hurt in some way. The kind of fear that makes you want to vomit from the knowledge that this can exist.

I stepped into the center of the room and my body immediately lit up so brightly that every corner was filled with light, except for the energy darting around it. I whispered, “Come into me,” and the stream of energy came into my solar plexus and then out my back as a stream of light.

Satisfied, but still feeling some fear, little me went with me to all the rooms of the house doing the same thing. Transmuting dark, dense energy into light.

I eventually went to sleep and had another dream where I told them about the first dream. Ha. This happens a lot too.

I don’t have a witty ending or any wisdom to share. This was like a weight on me when I woke up, feeling it’s significance. I’m still sorting. But I had a pinched nerve in my neck that happens when I have too much inflammation. A migraine resulted from it yesterday. And I had this gut feeling to share the dream.

So I am.

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