i know my soul talks

More thoughts on self portraiture:

Even though the subject is always myself, and I am expressing my deepest self, make no mistake, it isn’t just about me. Like any art, there is a thread of the universal. There is a call to listen to your own heartbeat. There is an opening of a portal to step into one’s own power. Sometimes there is judgment, I’ve felt that too. But even those negative reactions of projection, usually because I am using my own face and body to make art, are coming from a place of triggered ignition. I have found it is not my business to care if anyone “gets” it. This art, like all art, is a strict taskmaster. It wants to be born. It wants to be expressed. It wants to go out in the world and be seen. It wants to be witnessed. Art is a light and you cannot hide it without causing yourself some pain. I’ve found that pain to be greater than the pain of vulnerability.

So, make your art. Let it loose. Let your life be art. Everything you do is an expression or a hiding of that expression. You choose.



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