We Are All Born Naked and the Rest is Drag

(quote by Rupaul Charles)


Lately I have been reconnecting FIERCELY with my love of self portraiture. The magick inside me has exploded in a totally new way. Probably because I went through hell and have gotten more and more out of my own way. It’s a daily practice to be in the flow of the Muse and create fearlessly and freely. I have been so inspired by drag culture and reconnecting with all the ways in which I can express what is inside me and capturing that. Self portraiture has always helped me see myself differently and this is just another level of that.


And so I need to revive this space with all the ways in which I am creating. Just because.

(disclaimer: this is my space to be myself 100%, so if you aren’t ok with nudity, weirdness and other eccentricities, then this isn’t the space for you! godspeed)

A lot of my self portraits are a series of emotions and expressions. I hope you enjoy them.






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