They say that a true healer is not one who heals but rather ignites self healing. And who better to represent that archetype than the High Priestess. I’ve always found this character to be an enigma and difficult to explain. But that is the very essence of the High Priestess. She represents a time in our lives, or a part of us that is deep in observance. Of self and those around us. She watches patterns, she lives inward, she is private, not feeling the need to share much. Where the Magician is all about action and alchemy, she is about the subtle alchemy of silence and sitting in a place of Being. It is a silence born of maturity and of journeying within, sharpening one’s intuition and understanding that not everything can be explained. It is also reaching a point where you lose the need to explain the Mystery anymore as an attempt to prove yourself somehow. It is a deep knowing and a letting go of the need for approval. This is a deeply spiritual archetype and her spirituality to me, is deeply personal. She knows what she knows and chooses to share only very selectively. But when she does, the truth and honesty has a way of providing a mirror to those she shares with, igniting the kind of healing that does not seek to offer advice, but rather to inspire others to find their own individual path. She is not a gatekeeper, she is an oracle who knows how to connect with others wherever they are on their own path. 

featuring The starry Cauldron Tarot, found in Etsy.

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