The Bathtub

The Bathtub
“Don’t touch that”
Under 3
Curious about my body
Sitting in the tub
A stern warning
Taken to heart

A book of stamps
Plastered on the tub
When we move away
Not sure why
But grandma and grandpa
Might need this tub

A stranger
Friend of mother’s
Something hurts
She wants to look
To help
The memory goes black

Sitting in a man’s tub
He does that one thing
That something in me
But I don’t understand
I shut down
I bolt
I vow to be chaste now
I shut the door

I fall down black inky holes
Over and over
I’m scared
I’m alone
I sit in an empty tub
I want to go down
The drain
I rock
I sob
wish I was never born
The emptiness holds me
The cool hard surface
Underneath my shaking existence
Support, cocoon
Until I come back
From things I cannot remember

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