Seven of cups

The seven of cups, to me, asks about reality vs illusion. It’s a tricky thing, reality. Because don’t we all have our own perspective and sense of what truth is, based on our soul map, based on our trauma, and based on our experiences? And then we can think about imagination and the line in which it becomes a positive force for creativity but can also become a force keeping us in a small space, unable to grow. With this image, I wanted the seven of cups to talk about healthy release. I wanted to talk about sitting in the imaginative space of creation and using that power for opening the heart to release the poison and the lies that keep hurting us and prevent us from moving forward. To use the creative powers in us all to imagine a new story. To allow the birds of freedom to carry our deepest wishes out into the universe and although we might be scared, that we can trust this process and the infinite wisdom of the heart.

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