There is so much information buried in our bodies. The things that happened to us as children never go away. They simply get stored until we grow into a safe presence that is capable of holding space for the healing that needs to happen. And so a conversation begins. We ask our younger self what they need. But we also ask them what their heart truly wants. What did we want before we slipped into a skin that wore a mask to survive in the world? We ask them for help to remember what made us feel alive.

And, in turn, we ask the wisdom we have gained to help us see our wounds with kindness, compassion. We ask the self that survived to help the child in us to understand the shame we’ve carried. And how it isn’t necessary. We ask for help to find grace in this human journey. And we agree, hopefully at some point, that what we’ve been carrying is too heavy. And maybe it is time to just be who we are with no apologies.

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