For awhile, I used to have recurring dreams of impossible doorways and tunnels that I just couldn’t get through. I’d get stuck or I wouldn’t try them at all out of fear of being trapped. In each situation, there was no apparent way out. Being stuck in a situation is a complex one. Because in my experience, it is usually an indication that boundaries need to be made and enforced.

Sometimes those boundaries are saying enough is enough and you walk away. But for those of us with trauma, or abuse in our past, black and white thinking, fight or flight mechanisms demanding that we run at any sign of perceived danger, it’s necessary to take a step back and examine where the feelings of being trapped are coming from.

Sometimes untangling ourselves from a situation that is setting all our warning bells off and making us feel like we cannot move forward is more about looking at how we are taking care of our needs. Speaking up and honoring those parts of us that we’ve neglected for the sake of others is hard and important work in shifting those feelings of being held down or back in life. Regardless of the situation, it first starts with us recognizing that we matter and then taking the necessary actions to take care of ourselves.

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