The subconscious is an interesting thing. It hides in darkness, pulling us this way and that way and when we become aware of it, it can be confusing as to why we feel the way we do. Until some part is illuminated by some external light, we might find ourselves navigating life through the lens of our shadow self. It does have a way of bubbling up, the elements of self that have been conditioned in one way or another, but also those deep desires we may have buried along the way. They pull at us, like the tides going in and out, asking to be seen, felt and integrated within our present selves. When illumination occurs, we have a window and a choice, to process what has been hiding deep in our heart of hearts or to continue on the way we always have. The moon asks us what we really want and then asks if we are willing to do the grueling work of looking into the shadows to see what is there, propelling us through life in a certain way. This isn’t an easy venture but a necessary one for anyone who wants to truly know who they are, at the core.

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