Sometimes the painful experiences in life change you forever. For those who have endured far more than their share of heartache, whether it be death of loved ones, mental or physical illness, chronic fuckery in life, oppression or hate, it is a heavy burden to bear. One can feel that the sorrow will never lift. But what I have found is that there is also a cutting away or a purposeful disconnect that occurs when one realizes there is no going back. Yes, you are forever changed but this witch is the keeper of wisdom. I won’t portray suffering into some grand experiment that yields a beautiful gift because of the price one usually has to pay from carrying pain year after year.

But there’s nothing wrong with realizing that the greatest truthtellers and raw, honest beings walking the face of this earth, are the ones who have and continue to walk through these shadows. They do battle daily, just to exist. These are the ones who have nothing to lose and wear their sorrow like a grace, birthing compassion and kindness, because they too, have been there. Are still there. They sit in a place outside the fray, often solitary but possessing a wonderful perspective and realness that you’ll not find elsewhere.

If you want the truth, ask the witch of swords.

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