Healing is hard work. We are all traumatized in some way, having been born into this world. While it’s true that each of us has to do our own work of healing, the whole idea of developing self love in a solitary bubble has always seemed off center for me. This is especially true for those who have not experienced healthy love and instead move through the world with a skewed lens developed usually when we were very young and then solidified by a string of others repeating that pattern. This card speaks to me of the healing that can happen in relationship. And there are no perfect ones out there, no matter what you’ve believed. True healing relationships, friendships or romantic, are between people who are both healing in some way and have decided to show up, even when it gets hard. Even when they fuck up and say, I’m going to do this work of choosing to love and support.

It’s messy and challenging but the result is that it builds a structure where people feel safe to finally be who they are. Safe to make mistakes. Safe to untangle the hurt and experience a reset in their ideas about love. It rewires the brain to be called in over and over, where others just left. It invites one to take of the masks and begin the journey of celebrating one’s true self, without the burden of performance.

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