The Hermit


With so many ideas and information out there, it can be hard to process everything. I get overwhelmed by it all, especially when it comes to belief. I can see where others are coming from most of the time and tend to let myself get muddied from my ability to see all sides. For me, the hermit is an invitation to retreat back into my shell. Within the silence there, I can start to hear my own voice again. There are so many layers to the hermit. On a more surface level, it reminds me to cocoon when I need to. The world is too loud and too bright and it often feels like an assault on my nervous system everywhere I turn. I put my earbuds in, spend time with the plants and trees and come back to my center.

On a deeper level, it’s a retreat away from collective belief systems so we can decide what exists at our core. It’s a service to ourselves that must happen in order to find our authenticity. Ultimately, true service to others can only happen from this place, not that the hermit seeks that out. But people in need of answers and comfort will always seek those out who have done their solitary work. And that is the message of the hermit. It takes courage to disconnect in order to hear your own heartbeat and voice. But it is worth it to excavate the treasure found in this chosen darkness.

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