The Fool

Hi. I wanted to spend some time sharing the tarot deck I made in the coming days. I’m not great at sticking to anything, but it feels like a good idea and it helps me learn as well. So let’s give it a go.

This is one of my favorite illustrations in the deck. The fool is the ultimate beginning, of adventure and of that leap into the unknown. It asks us to move forward, despite not knowing all the answers and despite our own self doubt. It asks us to remember the child heart of just jumping in with both feet, carefree and wholeheartedly. And that can be hard once we’ve been through some shit. But it’s a reminder that if we can ask ourselves “what if?” and stay open to curiosity, that we might be surprised at what is waiting when the universe pulls us through the journey of our life. It’s often that moment when that thing we are curious about doesn’t add up on paper, but we jump in anyway, surrendering to our own wild heartbeats.

Creating the starry cauldron tarot was very much a journey of the fool for me.

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