seven of swords

Before we take a look at the next card in the starry cauldron tarot, I want to talk about the hybrid nature of this deck. I wanted it to be something anyone can use to sharpen their own intuition and that is one reason I didn’t write a book to go with it…for now.

I often read the cards without the traditional tarot labels and as such, the images speak differently each time. I wanted the art to have a stronger voice so people could meditate on the art and hear their own unique story within, without a former knowledge of the tarot. What I’m sharing now are just my own meditations.


For me, this is a card calling us to stay grounded. Especially when we are in the midst of healing, there are a million ways we can be pulled out of that process and not every hand offered is one that is helpful. Anything that tempts us to bypass our own humanness is something to be discerning of. Help from the universe in any form can only help if its integrated within the fire of our own hearts and healing. We must stay firmly planted and keep a wary eye out for those things that ask us to look away from that which makes us human. Our fire is self sufficient and real help comes from those who would sit next to us during this fiery process instead of trying to pull us out of the sacred process of healing.

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