a testimonial

I want to share a special testimonial from someone who asked me to create a glyph for them.


In August of last year ( I had to look it up and then I was appalled at how long I waited), Carrie created a glyph for me. I asked her for something that embodied prosperity and abundance – two things I struggle with. Ten days ago, I went and had the glyph tattooed onto my back on my left shoulder. Now, even as I type that, the energy is rolling down my left arm and my fingertips are tingling. One reason I waited was because I didn’t know a tattoo artist I felt comfortable with. The main reason though was because I didn’t feel I could afford it. Yes, a glyph about prosperity and abundance and I was not willing to spend the money to get it tattooed. I grasp the irony here. 

I had been drawn to a tattoo shop down the road from my house. Finally, one day, the call was too strong to ignore and I went. I walked in and the guy at the desk asked me what he could help me with. I gave him the image, told him it was created for me, and he eyeballed it and then told me what he would charge. Which, by the way, was very reasonable. Then he told me he couldn’t do it right now but he could the following week. So I made the appointment. Despite my trepidation and despite my belief I shouldn’t spend the money. Regardless, he told me several times to let him know if I wasn’t going to make the appointment.

The day of the appointment, I felt like shit. Utter and complete shit. I was sick. Woozy. Exhausted. I wanted to sleep. Now mind you the appointment was at 2 in the afternoon. And I putzed about that morning fussing to myself that this was a bad idea. The night before I had updated my cell phone and it bricked. Completely dead. Would not turn on. I had told myself the day before if I wasn’t meant to go to the appointment, then he would call me and tell me he couldn’t do it. Well, I had a dead phone. I couldn’t call him. He couldn’t call me. Mind you, my kids have cell phones but for reasons I cannot explain I was convinced I didn’t have access to a phone. Finally, a half hour before the appointment, I said I’m going. I decided. I couldn’t stand the guy up and I couldn’t be that jerk who didn’t call. I got up and got ready and when I went to move my cell phone to pick up my purse, I turned my dead cell phone over and it turned on. Just like nothing had happened. I laughed immediately and said, “I got the message.” So I went. And waited an hour for him to do whatever he needed to do and debated leaving during the waiting but I didn’t of course. I stayed. He applied the tattoo and I knew the entire time he was inking exactly what part he was working on. I felt it like Carrie was drawing it onto my back. I have other tattoos by the way. I’ve done this before. This one was different though. I knew what circle, what line, what section he was on the entire time. I felt the energy and when he was done, I felt it all connect.

When he was done, it literally looked like she had drawn it on my back with a ball point pen. It’s that perfect. He informed me it was a complete bitch to do but he was also really amazed by it. He just kept shaking his head telling me how amazed he was. Even typing this out I feel the energy.

Now that it’s done, my life has been flipped upside down. Seriously. I keep blowing breakers in my house. Blowing light bulbs. I’ve knocked the internet out twice. And I know it’s just the beginning. If you are thinking of getting a glyph from her, just know it is powerful magick and if you don’t want that in your life, don’t do it. If you think you’re ready, you’re not. Things are coming up for me that are majorly unexpected. I have job interviews I didn’t think would happen and at the same time I’ve lost things I thought I wanted. And let me tell you, if you’re on the fence or uncertain about something and you think, eh, maybe this isn’t the best thing for me, it will not happen. Period. If you aren’t sure and you lean toward no, you won’t get it. Things are happening super crazy fast. I also just had my first period in exactly nine months. I was certain menopause was there for me and here I am purging like crazy and bleeding like no tomorrow. Exactly nine months. Powerful.

I know that if I didn’t accept the power, it wouldn’t be there too. I know I’m ready even if I’m scared and even if I’m uncertain at times so I’m working hand in hand with this magick. It is powerful though so don’t think it’s a matter of getting a pretty picture. This will kick your ass in the best possible way.

Super powerful. 


If you choose to enter into this with me, you can find a listing for custom glyphs in Etsy. 

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