The Mystery Unfolds

The other day, my wife, upon seeing my latest video of hand movements, the one I posted the other day, said, “Some of those look like sign language. Do you mind if I share the video with a friend who is somewhat of an expert?”

And the idea terrified me a bit, because of my own vulnerability around it, but I had to tell myself that it would be ok, no matter what they thought of me. I don’t know sign language, at all, and am definitely not trying to emulate it when I make these movements. They just come as they come.

So, she did and it turns out that several of the movements in that video did look really similar to not just words, but whole concepts. She sent us a report with videos of the sign to compare to. Apparently even sign language has a dialect, especially when signing large concepts like the ones she recognized in my movements.

The concepts that showed up were “SOCIAL” or “SOCIALIZE” or “INTERACT”




“WHITE” (color) or a little like “LIKE”


Another interesting fact about sign language is that each language has it’s own set of signs. Like French, etc.

It has me thinking a lot about energy and channeling and the whole of the human language as we’ve known it. How it’s all connected. It has me thinking about how I could’ve accidentally made any word, if this was just nonsense, but all the concepts that showed up are in alignment with the spiritual realm in some way. It has me thinking about the mystery of it all and how knowing all this has removed some of my doubt and gives me courage to keep going with it. How our spirits or souls or whatever, know so much more than we think. The mystery still remains and even with breadcrumbs like this, I have to surrender to the unknown as it just makes me ask more questions than ever.

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