asylum bridge

“The clouds will cease to fleet; The heart will cease to beat; For all things must die. All things must die.” Alfred Lord Tennyson

And so it is with parts of us as well. This bit of time is the end of a cycle for me. I can never know for sure, but everything points to it. I find myself serendipitously in places I was a year ago, or twenty years ago, or five years ago, all to close a circuit around something significant in my journey. Separating my gifts and magic from the mental illness left behind from my 30 some odd years of trauma has shattered me to my core in this last year. But I am healing. And there is a reckoning. And an honoring of the death of some part of me that lost my faith in myself along the way.

I will always have my doubts about the strange experiences I’ve had on earth this time around. But that’s ok. Because at the end of it all, I want to know that I’ve been honest. Especially to my heart. And that I’ve lived from my deepest truth.

p.s. I posted a flash sale on Instagram Friday night. It’s good until this evening but if you get here late, I’ll extend it if something speaks to you!

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