So, I’ve been taking a break from readings while I have been focusing on my own healing and waiting for the green light to offer them again. And true to how my muse often works, that green light has come in the form of several people reaching out in one way or another, with their personal stories of how a reading I did impacted them greatly even a year later or just expressing an interest, to their own surprise. It’s challenging to have a particular gift that seems to take it‘s time in someone’s life. In a world where most people want immediate resolutions or band aids, the work I do goes deep and in a way that is very much a mystery to me. I often wonder if the words I type for readings aren’t some kind of spell or energy work but I’m not allowed to make any such promises on etsy.

I find myself in a very different place these days. Having a deep knowing, unable to put words around my magic, but also not really needing to. The people I am meant to connect with will find me. And even they can take it or leave it. That’s the beauty of sovereignty.

I am not an expert. Or a coach. Or a giver of advice. I am some kind of mirror, a servant to the mystery, not obligated to make sense to anyone. There is old magic in my bones and I am trying to reckon with it. As I’m sure many other are as well.

All that to say, it’s time to put this offering back up and see what wants to come through. I’ve been working so hard on my own shit and I feel curious.  You can find them in my shop. Xo

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