some expression for today

The energy/or whatever is going on has me in bed today with sore everything. In particular, jaw/face pain up into my ears. Hands too, but I managed to express a few glyphs before I had to stop holding the pen. Here they are, for whatever that is worth to you. I hear tell the Schumann Resonance is doing strange things. My poor brain cannot comprehend such things but I get the jist of it.

Also, I hope you enjoy the new space. Tonia Ruck gave the site a facelift and I think it feels much more like me, currently. She’s so so good at what she does, which I consider a form of majik to be able to tap into a person’s energy and create a space that reflects it.  I’m very grateful to her for tapping into what I needed as I currently don’t even know right now. Neck deep in trauma healing. I’m starting EMDR next week and have some hope to begin to clear old beliefs that seem stuck in my emotional brain. I have been resistant to all things: medication, diet change, other therapies/practices/supplements, so EMDR makes a lot of sense. I look forward to sharing my results, I just have few words these days. Strangely or not, my astrological chart is reflecting a huge shift in clearing old beliefs starting next week and goes on for several weeks after. It just lined up that EMDR starts when it does by “coincidence.”





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