The Full Moon is upon us

The Full Moon is upon us

and as such, it’s a good window to get a quick look into how the current energies are interacting in your own life. Tarot is a great way to reinforce your own inner knowing and we often need a guide in the ethers to highlight those whispers that we often dismiss. When things get murky and you’re having a hard time trusting yourself, and let’s be honest, we ALL need that hand of guidance in the journey to self trust, turn to the tarot. I am honored to be that lantern for you.

For today (Wednesday) and tomorrow, find the Old Skool Tarot on sale for $11. I will be doing your readings over the next week, still well within this amazing full moon portal. Let’s scoop up some of this energy and put it to good use. I do all readings over a distance and email the reading to you. No need to set up an appointment. Easy Peasy!

Get your reading HERE.

Be well, Lovelies! (and if you need to see what others are saying about my work, please visit my rich cauldron of reviews still on Etsy)

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