Magical Mugwort and Why You Might Need It

Magical Mugwort and Why You Might Need It


Mugwort found it’s way to me in 2015 when a friend had it growing and said I should take some home to plant in my garden. At the time, I was not gardening anymore as depression and a heavy work load had robbed me of my passion for nearly everything. But it took off and this year I couldn’t ignore the whispers of the plants anymore to dive deeper into their wisdom and magic. They called me home and Mugwort has been the loudest. I jumped both feet first into soaking up as much knowledge as I could and found that Mugwort isn’t always found in common medicinal herbal books. I think it’s because it’s a very ancient medicine and the more I work with it and learn about it and listen to it, the more I can hear it’s voice and the frequency it carries. I sit out in the mornings and we talk and my heart feels soothed. I have goosebumps just thinking about it now.

As I researched, it became more apparent why I feel so connected to it. It’s Latin name is Artemis Vulgaris, which means a couple things. Firstly, it’s named after Artemis, the pre-Greek goddess of many things. The moon, the heart, the forest and the hills, wild animals, and of the hunt. She reminds me of this painting I made awhile back.

Vulgaris means common. As it sounds, it was the name for that crude sort of dialect tongue of various languages and while the word vulgar has gotten a bad wrap, I believe it’s the common-ness that feels more real to me. You know I’m fond of an F-Bomb. But more than that, it speaks to me of an everyday magic. Many gardeners rip this herb up due to it’s “invasive” nature and fail to realize the potential of it. It’s seen as a common weed and to my knowledge, is not sold at any of the nurseries I’ve been to, as it often grows wild.

I’ve always felt like a common witch. By that, I mean I don’t follow any sort of path as the world knows it. I feel like a misfit, listening to my intuition and ancient blood above all else. I cannot be boxed in, I cannot remember the wheel of the year, I cannot do formal rituals or spells. I just do what I do and I don’t know how I do it. Somehow, I just know. I am not fancy or polished or overstated. I just am but I am intrinsically magical. Always have been a healer following the drumbeat of spirit. I am my own religion and my own kind of magic.

Mugwort and I have a lot in common. We are quietly doing our work for those who can hear us. We crave to be real and wild, following our own rules.

I love what Artemis stands for. This is her sacred herb. It is said that she sends Mugwort to those who she has blessed. And I do feel so blessed.

The medicine of this plant is very real. I have been sharing and administering it to my family and friends with great results. Here are some of the properties she is known for:

  • digestive stimulant
  • diuretic
  • nerve tonic
  • stimulates the uterus
  • expels internal parasites
  • depression
  • used as a wash for fungal infections

My seventeen year old son with anxiety and ADD smokes it for a calming effect and it’s been helping him sleep. I’m using it as a tea to relax my intestines as I’m doing a body cleanse currently. I also use it for depression. We offer smudge bundles to burn for sacred space and prayer. It’s best taken as a tea, but you can use the herb to make washes, compresses and even sleep with it in a sachet under your pillow if you’re having rough sleep.

It has a fresh, light smell when dried and when you burn it, it can be pungent like sage but not as heavy. I’m certain you will experience the magic of this plant if you give it a try.

If you don’t take tea medicinally and have no idea how, I am happy to help you. It’s very easy. No special tools needed. We sell tea in pre-stuffed bags for your convenience.

Visit the shop, we have a good batch ready to help you return to health and remember your own magic.

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