February Transmission

February Transmission

February is almost here and I am excited to be out of the void of January. It’s always felt like a reset month. My daughter calls it a void. I feel the energies are picking up in intensity and I am here to reach a hand into the ethers and offer to help you stabilize and shift in perception as we all race toward our own evolution.

The February edition of the Cauldron Kits are going out this week and it’s not too late to order this subscription or buy it one time in Etsy. Also! I have deconstructed the kits and almost all the elements included are available in Etsy as well.

The newest offering is the monthly collective transmission as a digital download. Each month, when I assemble the cauldron kits and channel the reading, I will be including it in Etsy as well for anyone interested. Each transmission is charged with Reiki, ready for you to receive when you are. ♥

I invite you to join in remembering your own magic and breaking through to the other side!


p.s. If you are already subscribed to the cauldron kits, THANK YOU and your kit and reading is on it’s way THIS WEEK!

p.p.s. still vlogging! They are all on the Youtubes.

p.p.p.s. You are awesome!

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