hey there!

hey there!

I’ve been absent around these parts, but I am slowly crawling out of whatever I was tangled in energetically. I thought an update was in order before I jump back in.

firstly, I got married! Rebecca and I had an elopement ceremony last Saturday 11/11 and Zoe made us a beautiful video to share.

On Instagram, I’ve been taking you card by card through the starry cauldron tarot, giving a big of insight into the creation of each piece and some other thoughts. When I’m done, I will probably put together a downloadable booklet for anyone who would like that shiz. You can find them smattered about on my IG account: thestarrycauldron 

I will most likely post them here to at some point.

The frequency symbols or light language or whatever you’d like to call them have been coming out so much. You can find some short videos of me writing them on my youtube channel. 

In the shop are a couple things you might want to know about. Other than the starry cauldron tarot taking off like gangbusters, I have a channeled guide painting or drawing available, as well as all kinds of commissions, and soul paintings are on sale until the end of the year. If you’re wanting to purchase anything as a gift for the holidays, now is the time as production and shipping will take a bit of time in the next 2 months.


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