The love of my life and muse, Rebecca told me that every year since her 30th birthday, she plans to document her trip around the sun with birthday suit photos. When she expressed interest that I photograph her, my heart just about exploded, because what an honor! Of course, I see her with a totally different bias than any other photographer who might come in, but I think maybe that makes this set of photos extra special. As I was photographing her, I was falling in love over and over, as I’ve done every day since we met, marveling at the exotic, strange and beautiful creature she is. At her wonderfully complex and sensitive brain, and her fierce fiery heart. I adore her love for Harper, her fur baby and her loyalty to every friend she makes. Which are many! A more supportive person does not exist on this earth. Just listening to her voice soothes my soul and her understanding of the shadow makes me feel safer than I ever have. My heart swells with gratitude that we are in each other’s lives. Every day I thank my lucky stars that she exists and every day she reminds me of what is possible. Everything she does is art, from her paintings and illustrations to the way she lives her life as a free bird, and everywhere she goes, she makes a trail of light and good feelings. I hope you can see that in these photos that she so graciously allowed me to share on my blog.

I love her infinitely.


Happy birthday baby. Nothing can eclipse your beautiful magic. Never forget it.

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in other news, in case you haven’t heard on social media, MY TAROT DECK HAS BEEN BORN! See the listing for more info !!! 

I’ll be posting separately about that, but here’s an early bird head’s up!

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  1. These are stunning Carrie x

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