come to me

come to me

come to me
and I will show you
the war torn echoes of my heart

my house is a wasteland
of pieces leftover
from fires
meant to refine me

nothing is tidy
I left that behind
a thousand years ago

there is still dust hiding in the corners
and crusted over dishes
in the sink

I am utterly
with my blood pooling
at my feet

can you walk toward me
without slipping?
can you root yourself down
inside me
branching yourself into
the rifts of my wars?

I am done
jumping into rabbit holes
I am done
being stripped
I am done
playing with matches
that burn my fingers

come to me
and stand inside the fire
that has been burning
deeper than the earth’s core
find me there
where I now live
speak the magic
that only we can understand

I have been waiting for this
for a million and one years.


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