Group Transmission

Group Transmission

Hi Loved Ones.

Huge, weird time right now. I feel like a vortex of change. One day something makes sense and the next, it doesn’t feel good anymore. But here’s this:
As I was driving home from taking one of my kids to school, I was in another panic mode. They come often these days. Not gonna lie. I’ve been asking around about PT jobs and I don’t know what will come of anything right now. I know what my intuition says and I know what the fear says. They are fighting a fierce battle in me.
But as I drove, that small still voice said, “It’s time for another transmission. And you need to charge for it because you are worth every damn penny.” It might’ve been Myrtle, I don’t know. But she was very matter of fact and the panic sort of lifted and I drove home and made this.

Read it and see if you’d like to join. I’d be honored to serve you with my gifts.

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