hello lovelies,

Just thought an update of sorts was in order.  Of where I am and what I need.

Chris, my partner of the last 4 years made his way back to Austria a few days ago. That chapter is closed, pending the final court date next week. Once again, I am here with my 4 humans in this old house I moved into over ten years ago with their father, trying not to panic that I’m the sole adult responsible for our existence. Despite sort of already being that financially for awhile now, I still fear it. January is a hard month for artists and self employed creatives. I have so much I’m offering and it’s just crickets out there again. I really wish I knew what was going on and I hope somehow the house payment will make it’s way to me in the next 2 weeks.

So, yeah…I need some support right now.

In that vein, how can I serve you? I now have a place to do in house energy work here in Ottawa. I can do a variety of photo sessions. Etsy is full of art and energy readings and card readings. At this point, I am just reminding that I still believe this is my full time calling and am not ready to give up. It’s just a slow month, but my family has some very basic needs once again that I am more than happy to work for.

Patreon is a great place to set yourself up to provide monthly support for the work I am putting out across all platforms. This morning I used soundcloud to upload a short energy report. I do this at no cost and often just ask for a love offering. Maybe there is some criticism for how I do things, but this is what my guidance tells me to do. We are changing the paradigm of how people like me are supported as marketing and selling have very little appeal to me. But it takes me saying, “hey, I need support…we all need support if the artists and sensitives are going to be able to keep offering their creative work in the world.”

We can’t complain about the lack of arts and healing in the world if we don’t first of all answer the calling, and second of all, ask for help when we need  it. Humbling as it is.

Another note: even though I have my energy work and transmissions listed in Etsy and here on my website, I am always willing to do this work for a smaller love offering if you need it. Please let me know. I know everyone is in a similar boat right now. So even sharing some of my offerings helps me immensely.

That being said, I am eternally grateful for being supported so far by my small band of fellow misfits. Contrary to what you might think, I don’t have a large following. It’s quite miraculous that I’ve made my living for a year and a half in the way that I do. I am stubborn to the core and will always listen to my guidance. Even when she says, “Hey…ask for some help. Just do it.”

Anyway…how can I serve you? Please let me know. Every time you allow me to share my gifts, you not only help me provide for my family, but you help me create a new way of doing things in this world.

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