For the Misfits, the Dreamers, the Artists and the Empaths

For the Misfits, the Dreamers, the Artists and the Empaths

I don’t want to write this post. Because honestly, I feel a little salty today about busting my ass all year long and having very little to show for it. Don’t get me wrong, I am eternally grateful for what we have and that we didn’t get hit with worse things. We still have our house, food on the table and all that. What I’m talking about is this huge energy I’ve been feeling for awhile now, that something is about to break open regarding our purposes on this planet right now. Of knowing that I and many of you are 100% aware that we have these enormous gifts and largely feel like we still don’t fit in anywhere or are appreciated as such. Most of the time, I have a healthy outlook on it all so I know this feeling is just one of exasperation and wanting to serve with my gifts and feeling like I can’t even give it away at this point because there’s something blocking people from seeing it.

I have always had a knowing deep in my bones…a couple of them, actually. #1: that I am here for something magical and amazing and far reaching. #2: that the artists and misfits and poets and singers and creators of all kinds that march to the beat of their own drums and refuse to operate as the world tells us to…it’s us who are going to realize our enormous power and change this dying world.

If that seems abnormally heavy, remember a couple things: I live and breathe intensity and I bet a lot of you are just fucking done playing patty cake with the status quo.

But today I did a reading for someone and I felt like it was for both of us. And then I felt like it was really for all of us who have been beating our heads against a fucking wall trying to figure out where we can use our gifts and be supported for it.

I think you need to hear this too.

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It’s more important than ever that we just stop. We get quiet. We do what feels good in our guts and we trust. Like I have been saying, “Stay in your frequency and let it happen.” We live in a culture that demands we work hard and sweat blood and do, do, do all the time. How has that been working for you? Not so great, I’d imagine. We will work hard, make no mistake about it. But everything is about to change for the sensitives.

I feel like we’ve been waiting our whole lives for things to finally make sense. We’ve been through several lifetimes in just this one and we know it’s not for nothing but when is it going to make that turn? We’ve felt it all year. We have skills, gifts, talents and for the most part it’s felt like a bunch of almosts. We feel we are here for something bigger and it’s not about fame. It’s not about being rich, although money has been an issue, hasn’t it? But we really just want some security so we can feel free to do this thing that we’re here to do. We want to feel supported and to wake up feeling like we have a purpose again. 2016 has stripped us down to bone and what we thought we wanted, we didn’t end up wanting…but what exactly do we want?

What I see in these cards is a confirmation that the energy is opening up. I don’t know when but there is a huge amount of energy here indicating soul deep destiny. These cards are not speaking to trivial everyday matters or details of that nature. The magician is someone who manipulates reality to bend to his will. He is a master of all 4 elements and has the gift of creating his reality. It speaks of a time when everything is in place that needs to be in order to create what one needs to bring into existence. Followed by the chariot…also huge. This is a card of triumph, pure and simple. Imagine the feeling of riding this white horse across a plain after one of those moments when you know you’ve conquered. Or those moments when you have a firm grasp on your own power. How it propels you forward. So, it makes me think a boost is coming.

The Justice card is a card that sets the balance and makes things right. Our lives have seemed oddly off balance with the hardships we’ve had to endure. And yet, we keep hoping for some reason. This card assures us that everything comes into balance. And goodness is in fact on it’s way. Please hold on a bit longer. Small things are easy to manifest, but we are here for something bigger and that takes time to set the stage. More pieces have had to move into place because it’s way bigger than you and I could even imagine.

And then we have the fool down there. That vulnerable, pure hearted soul. It’s asking us to keep being transparent. To keep bleeding our hearts into the earth. It’s asking us if we’re ready to look foolish to the world because the universe is going to ask us to do things in a very unconventional way and we need to be ready to trust that we will be taken care of. It’s so hard, after a lifetime of not feeling supported. But that is exactly what source is asking of us now.

Because what comes next, will not make a lot of sense to the logical mind but we have been given these moments of clarity and we need to hold onto them. It’s time to be who we are and do what we came here to do. And it’s not going to look like anything anyone else has done yet.

I think all will be revealed very soon. We need to stay connected and love each other more than ever. Remind each other to be still. That thing you seek is also seeking you. I’m still feeling a bit salty, but I’ll leave you with the words of Rumi.


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    1. Hey girl. Relax. Yes, you are led to serve. It is Spirit led and you have that special resilience borne only in those who share self-determination in explosive bursts. It’ll happen. Drop the adolescent girl wonderment? I don’t think so. I love your photographs and images. So filmic your prose. Figure out film. That’s the next step for you. I’m surprised at how quickly I picked up writing script (film/stage) from years of previous study. My photography and painting captures only such tiny glimmers. Give it a go.

      1. I appreciate the honesty but I’m not sure how you got adolescent girl from this post. All my feelings are valid and this is my safe space to share. I reserve a sacred space for any kind of criticism from very close friends who’ve earned that space. ✌

        1. There is a part to your work that reminds me of a 12-14 year old young woman. I mean no aspersions.

          1. She never said she didn’t want honest feedback. You said what you had to say, and she responded. If you didn’t mean any aspersions by telling her to “drop the 12-14 year old girl wonderment,” when she is sharing her insight in this article, then why do you think she is not open to honest feedback, after she only responded to your comment?

            I am just interested in understanding.

          2. You know what? My apologies is replying to you. I realized I read your comment wrong. That you weren’t telling her to “Drop the 12-14 wonderment,” but you were encouraging her to keep going. My Sincerest apologies for my own misunderstanding.

  1. Love it! Right on. ..”And the meek shall inherit the earth”! Im learning too it isn’t about “doing” but about “being”. Abraham Hicks said some very powerful words, just as Rumi, “You can’t get there from here. You prepare here and there comes over here”. In others words we must keep our vibration up as much as humanly possible and what we desire will come to us as a match. Chasing as Rumi says only causes anxiety and stress. Thank you Carrie✨?✨

  2. Once again, your timing and interpretive skills are very pointed and synchronus. Yes indeed, the alignment of all that resonates with this new paradigm is very heartening, particularly in the face of all that these energies are displacing.
    And so we sit and center and breathe…and know that new life is building. Critical mass of all that is heart centered is fast approaching. We are being readied and holding space.
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful energetic, Carrie.

    Blessings, love and peace

  3. Hi Carrie! I love this and really needed to hear it. I feel like I’ve been chasing my own ass all year trying to figure out what it is I’m supposed to be doing. Sometimes I think I’m close to the answer and then something abruptly changes and I end up right back where I was with the same flipping questions. So, it’s refreshing to hear things are going to open up more.

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