Musings with the Muse: Podcast 5

Musings with the Muse: Podcast 5

Coming to you in the ethers with a living room chat this morning. Some thoughts on birthdays, a very old sycamore I met yesterday and a theory I have on people who come into our lives to help us heal.

As mentioned at the end of the recording, I have a couple sale offerings in the shop this week to celebrate my birth. 🙂 Soul paintings and a mini card reading. Head over and see what’s up. xo


scale is hard in a photo but remember that I am 6 ft tall.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. It reminds me (among other things) that there are some trees I need commune with.

  2. Beautiful! It seems you are awakening closer and closer to your Divinity. That soul self. You articulated it perfectly. I’m honored to be a witness to your full expression journey?

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