Musings with the Muse: podcast 3

Musings with the Muse: podcast 3

So, here’s the deal. I fucked up this audio setup somehow and my voice is super quiet and with some annoying white noise (especially the beginning) but the good news is that you can hear my first guest, Sharona Lautoe, just fine, and she does most of the talking. I’ve been warned by my in-house technical support that I should not post this, but there’s so much goodness in Sharona’s sharing, I have to. I just do. As you know, there is no repeating the flow.  So PLEASE forgive the less than adequate production of this, use your earbuds and listen with your heart. Next time, I will figure something else out, I promise. Meanwhile, can we all pretend we’re kids in the 80s again and making talk shows on a janky little tape recorder and think it’s the best thing ever? I’ll go put my roller skates and orange satin jumper on….


photo by Mariete Mons Photography

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