Podcast #2: the next dimension revealed

Podcast #2: the next dimension revealed



Hi all! I kept getting prompts to share my story via the podcast today during all this full moon energy. I’ve been busy literally dancing around my house, laughing at everything and feeling lighter than I have in awhile. I wanted to share some of that with you and I think to just reveal a new layer of my story. Take it as you will…that is up to you. It will transmit what it needs to.



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the intro/outro is used with permission from the wonderful Brian Trifon of Trifonic and is called Nightrun (featuring MindBuffer)

The Three Waves of Volunteers by Dolores Cannon

The Search for Sacred, Hidden Knowledge by Dolores Cannon

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  1. Very awesome sharing! Thank you for embracing your truth and having the courage to own it out loud!! You’re amazing. Raw. Real. I love you stardust:)

    1. Hearts!!!! Xoxox

  2. Beautiful energy coming through ❇ and totally loved the “…go out there and burn some shit if you can” closing ? love, love, love ?

  3. I reference those dreams, that sleep time when we’re being given guidance or answers as “soul school.” And at least for me, they are a true destination; a familiar place that I visit again and again, always returning with a new understanding.

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