I wanna show you something

I wanna show you something

This is entirely vulnerable for me but this is a small bit of what it looks like when I do remote energy healing. No one taught me this, it’s just sort of started happening.  I’ve hidden it even from my family and get embarrassed if someone walks in and sees me doing it. But the more I allow the movement to take over, the more I feel the energy rush through me. I feel like I’ve tapped into a very deep, old, ethereal part of myself and do my best to get my ego/mind out of the way.  I don’t really know exactly what it’s doing but based on the recipient’s experience, it’s very potent and life shifting. I wanted to share it as a way of revealing more. It’s just a bit of what also happens during a bodywork session in person.

People have asked what goes through my mind or what I think is happening and although I’ve tried to explain it so many times, I am totally inept to. I can say that as a water elemental, I rely heavily on that. I don’t see anything. I’m not heavily clairvoyant and I’m not a medical intuitive. I am, however, extremely claircognizant and clairsentient so for me, the energy feels like water. I feel as if I am standing or sitting underwater, moving the energy with my hands. Mostly, I am all flow. My mind isn’t there. My thoughts are only love. Sometimes I feel myself morphing into the other person’s body entirely, or diving into their cellular body and moving like a beam of light through blood and marrow. Sometimes I feel as if I am dancing inside them or opening like a flower. But mostly, I sit and I feel my hands move on their own. You know when you’re in the water and if you really let go, you can make your limbs float? It takes some letting go of the mind’s control, but it’s also the same as floating on your back. It’s like that…except not in the water. I just let them float where they want to go and trust that it’s working.

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  1. Thank you for sharing, Carrie. It is beautiful, healing just to observe.

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