we are done pandering
waiting for people to change
waiting for people to see our hearts
waiting, period.
Your gift for seeing into hearts is beautiful
but has kept you small
and in a cage
constantly offering your enormous
to helpless creatures who
cannot see it
cannot hold it
tried to manipulate it
rejected it entirely
you’ve spent a lifetime
holding out your bloody heart
in your beautiful hands
to unavailable beings

stop chasing

stand in your power
dripping with gold
and silver
and let your heart bleed into the earth
and reclaim your love

you are not here to soothe
the un-soothable
you are not here to comfort
the uncomfortable
you are most certainly not here
to lay down and be taken
by those who cannot take all of you

stop cutting yourself into pieces
stop changing, worrying, fretting, morphing
into something pleasing
in order to be loved
by those who cannot

you are here to be a catalyst
but also to be consumed
looked at in wonder
told of your magic
embraced and penetrated
in every way

walk away from that story
that no one wants your heart
that no one can love you
the field of possibilities is infinite
and you underestimate yourself

that which you are looking for
is also looking for you

and when it comes, you will not change
or be left wanting, unseen

I promise you this.

Feel your raw power
your terrible beauty
your otherness
your dark magic

and never forget it.

-a channel from Lilith, the dark goddess on the morning of the New Moonwarrior-20

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  1. Jesus Christ, this is exactly the RAW Roar that took place this morning with my morning coffee under the beautiful stars….releasing the tethers. standing upright, looking it all in the face and letting the sexual energy just fucking drip off of me like honey….what a grand a glorious first fucking day ever of a new year…..

  2. Hear hear! Thanks for writing this <3

  3. Freaking out over this. SO many women need to hear this! Your art saves my soul every fucking time I see it. <3

  4. this is soooo perfectly timed! thank you for sharing this power piece!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Perfect!!! I love this! As I sat outside reading this a huge crow just walked right up to me, eating a tortilla chip. (I’m in D.C. right now lol) She just stood there looking at me like “Listen woman!!”

    1. ?

  6. Wow!! Lady, you talking about me and to me again, aye? Freaking incredible! Love this!!!❤

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