it’s like the shifting is the normal now
i keep thinking i’ll land somewhere
unpack my suitcase
stay for awhile
grow some roots
plant some trees
meet the neighbors
make some friends
learn all I can about everything
in depth

but no

i am in a constant upward sweeping
apparating and disapparating
like a witch from Hogwarts
on some important mission
i don’t even bring my suitcase anymore
my feet touch the earth
just for an instant
absorbing downloads from the stars
catalyzing my surroundings
and then i’m off

i’m back in the cocoon
gooey and formless
no fucking clue which way is up
untrusting of the process
but becoming familiar with the speed

it’s almost like
i’m cycling through
lifetimes on lifetimes on lifetimes

and i’m tired

and curious


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  1. I am quite touched. That cycling through feeling… I know it too. Cheers, warmth and love! Beautifully expressed.

    1. 💜 love to you as well

  2. Pisces Metamorphose Incorporated 💜💜💜💜💜💜

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