A message from the trees

A message from the trees

This morning after I did a channeled reading from the Muse, the trees prompted me to record the following transmission for you. The wind apparently wanted in on it too. It was amazing as I was recording both, stuff kept falling from the trees around me. The tree directly behind me in the photo was the one speaking this time.

Listen to the recording here.


As always, I offer these transmissions from my heart to yours. You are welcome to use the link in the sidebar to donate to my work or visit my shop and support me that way. Or just receive freely. ♥

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  1. Thank you Carrie, perfect words at the perfect time, as always ?

  2. This is perfect timing for me! Thanks for listening to the trees & recording this ? There has been a tree in my backyard trying to grab my attention & love all summer long! It waves to me, makes it’s leaves change different colors of green in front of my eyes & generally just being playful. As soon as I am home I will go to it. ??

    1. Yay!!

  3. Thanks for this Carrie – Except for the body of someone you love, trees, I think, are the most beautiful things on the earth!

    1. Maybe this is why I love so many people in this way too. I see no difference.

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