July Eleventh

July Eleventh

Hello Beautiful Ones.

Some things for you to know.

  1. i made a video this morning. again…the muse pushed me to share. i didn’t want to really. but as i rewatched it, i knew why. you can see it here.
  2. etsy is FULL of glorious starlight in the form of new art, and maybe stuff you haven’t seen yet. someone just purchased one of the sale pieces i never thought i’d sell. so i never know. click through what is listed and you might find some gold.
  3. today i am working on a soul painting that will be traveling to New Zealand. for some reason, i get really excited when my art goes long distances. i love making the soul paintings. i love hearing how the medicine works. it’s like a reading…without the reading. soul to soul. color frequency and vibration doing it’s thing.
  4. speaking of readings, as i mention in the video from this morning, i have been doing them every day again and noticing patterns in who is finding me. keep reaching out to me if you feel pulled. i have something for you. a very special activation. a remembering. you’ll know. i’ve been calling to you.
  5. i made a pdf file for i am you. it’s in etsy too. i’m not entirely sure how this will go and reserve the right to pull it down if i start feeling wonky 😉 ….but it’s there as a download should that work better for you than a hard copy. i also reserve the right to raise what i am asking for it. consider this a sale price. 😉
  6. Deep Calling Deep is on it’s way to me now to be proofed. i am very excited for this book to reach you. i know why the Muse kicked my ass to get it done. it’s very timely.

And that is all for this monday morning. keep going. keep trusting the process. i love you.


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  1. Thanks for the video, this is EXACTLY what you are here to do, activate the rest of us, lead the way with your words and art x

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