jumbled thoughts ahead:

I met with Grandfather again today. He showed me some things and so I will attempt to paint what I saw even though I have no idea how to execute it. Of course, I’m going to film the process. 😉 He also said Just Keep Painting. So I will.

I was thinking about how I do healing work as a shaman. It occurred to me that a huge difference in how I am gifted in this vs others is that I am not any kind of life coach or someone who is going to give you any advice other than to drink plenty of water and stay open. I think when we consider “readers” of any kind, maybe we automatically think it’s someone who is going to tell us what to do or help us sort things out. There are some very gifted coach-type readers out there. I’m not one of them. What I do is on a very deep, cellular level. I am communicating with your energy field and, with your permission, creating openings so that you will know and remember how to initiate self healing. Often even after I journey for you, it’s very symbolic and something that will unfold for you as your body absorbs it and uses it’s intelligence to integrate it into your life. That’s the short answer anyway. To see what others have had to say about this work, see here and here. To book a session, see this page.

I’m really into this kind of music lately.

I am 104 days from finishing my 365 project. I am ready. I suspect this will be some sort of book. I’m only hearing whispers so far.


I reconnected with the Muse this week and the shakti energy and the earth. I feel like I’ve come home after a journey of learning other teachings. I got something from each of them, but this wild connection to the great mother is where I live. It’s where I feel myself. Where I can be fully me and not feel like I have to constantly self-assess what I say and how I behave. I’ve found much of the spiritual world to be just as restricting as the world I lived without it. When I am within the lap of Gaia, I am her and she is me. And nothing I do or say is cause for self-loathing or feeling like I’ll never get “there.” Every moment is nirvana and enlightenment. No matter how it feels. I am not seeking the next great spiritual attainment. Every breath I take is full of the sacred. Every part is brimming with divinity. It feels good to be back in this place. I feel inspired for the first time in months. There is only the adventure of the simple everyday.


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