Energy Transmission

Energy Transmission

Hello Loves,

The Muse has been pushing me to do another energy transmission. To use a term I’ve heard around the ethers, I’ve had some downloads lately. Unlike some people who do these sorts of things, I can’t put them into words just yet, but I feel them inside me. And they are for me to transmit to you on Wednesday. We’ve all been going through difficult times and so this is the Universe saying, you are heard, you are loved and supported.

More than likely, I will be including an audio file of anything that comes through. I’ll post it here in a blog when I’m done, so please make sure you’re subscribed to this blog somehow as I won’t be emailing the group this time.

I will include a contact form and I’ve been torn about whether that is even necessary but I think it’s a good way to put your intent out there that you are wanting to receive this energy. The energy coming through me is potent and I don’t ever send it without permission. If you’re wanting to tune in that day, I will be doing this between the hours of 7-8 am central standard time. But it’s not necessary. The energy will find you when you take the time to open and invite it in. So, in that respect, you can not sign up as well, if you feel janky doing so for whatever reason. 😉

I’m not charging for this transmission. Do feel free to leave a love offering via the paypal donate button on my sidebar IF you feel inclined. Or feel free to just receive and join in.

I’m looking forward to connecting to you all again. I feel this is the most important thing for us to do right now. So many of us are floating out there, feeling very untethered and afraid. We don’t have tribes anymore and we have to reach out and connect somehow energetically. I am willing to be the connector here. We all have something others need and there is strength in numbers. Let’s put our energies together and bring a huge influx of love into this aching world. ♥


Here’s a song for you today. 


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