for the reluctant queen

for the reluctant queen

You are a Queen
watch as the trees bow before you
your heart is pure
your love is all consuming
This is your birthright
Do not shrink away from this
You know you’ve felt it your whole life
Why your heart lit up at those stories

No, you are not delusional
No, you are not a despot

You are made to rule because
you do so with absolute love

You are a sprite of the forest
Every living thing has deep reverence for your life

Claim what is yours
It’s a matter of knowing it deep in your bones

burn the chains that have held you to scarcity
burn the past
send those who cared for you all the love in your heart
But you will no longer see yourself as part of their tribe
Make a new tribe
Reclaim your birthright as royalty
Burn all this with a fire of love and compassion
And with gratitude, move into your role as a magical Queen

Because that is what you are, Love


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    1. deep bow to my sister Queen.

  1. Very cool! . .

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