the raven queen

the raven queen


When the earth falls silent and the light is waning, she is there.
She will meet you at her fire in the cold winter night,
when you are stripped bare to the bone,
shivering from exposure and grief.
She will stand before you
and reach in, grabbing your heart,
pulling it out and blowing the smoke
into all the rips and tears.

She will wrap it with a string of stars to hold it together
and tie it with a bow
and put it back into your black, empty chest to heal.

She will lay her raven head on your chest
to make sure it begins it’s beating again
and radiate the deepest magic into your being.

She tells you, “Float in the void. Walk among the dead things. This isn’t the time for pretty.”

She says, “When everything you love has betrayed your heart, sit with me in the dark. Let it wash over you and just be.”


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  1. Beautiful range and depth of feeling through the dark. Very nice indeed!

    1. Permission to rest in the dark. Exquisite. Intuitively timed to reflect the times…

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