I’m Carrie Louise


I’m Carrie Louise. At this point in my journey there are just a few things you need to know.

The universe is a vastly weird place and my life has been super weird so far. When I was 17, I had what I call a shattering of all that I knew. Some people in this world like to call it a psychotic break and slap a label on it from the DSM handbook. My parents took me to a professional, hoping to get him to confirm my deep jump out of this construct and woo me back into their belief system. Instead, he told them that I was not crazy, just gifted. And yet, I would spend the next twenty years fighting for my very existence and purpose here on this earth. To take up space, find my inner sovereignty and own my fucking life like a Boss.

Now I am forty. And I had my second major shattering a couple years ago in early 2015. I had begun to paint again and it was unlike anything I’d ever done before in my career as an artist. I sort of left while the process happened and then stood back, looking at the finished piece like who the fuck even did that. That process and some major emotional upheaval in my personal life led to the opening of latent gifts that had been leaving me breadcrumbs my whole life.

On the surface, I wondered if maybe I was going crazy. But a village of virtual people found me, somehow, and began to remind me and assist me on my journey of remembering what I am: a shamanka, maybe an oracle, definitely a witch in every sense of the word, a possibility that this current construct doesn’t know what to do with…labels don’t matter. I call it magic because it doesn’t have a name yet. An old friend calls me a Human Hacker. I like that. Because I’m not really into a lot of new age spiritual woo woo, but I do know that we are not what we think we are and we are not living where we think we do. If there’s anything I’m passionate about, it’s calling bullshit on what we’ve been taught and helping women to remember that they own every single part of their lives. We have been sold a bill of goods that is not serving anyone and it’s my goal to unravel that shit until the day I die.

I’ve always been a witch of sorts. Even when the people around me were very afraid of it. It kept seeking me out and even though I don’t identify with anything traditional, the universe always feels the most right when I am aware of my cosmic witchy self and the magic that is inside me. It comes from everywhere: trees, stars, mud, blood, dreams, sex, and I am broken open continually by the beauty of the light and dark of this life.

I believe the whole thing is about to break wide open, and it starts with each one of us remembering. I’m here for that. Am I crazy? As a motherfucker. But that is very dependent on who you ask. 😉 I’ve found all the best ones are.

Enjoy your time in my space. It’s my pleasure to share my weirdness with you.