Be The Magic Cauldron Kits

For the new year, I want to hook you up with ongoing support and a spark from my candle to yours. The energies are heating up big time and for the last few years, I’ve been pulling stuff out of my cauldron designed to help your energy field stabilize and feel refreshed. I’m not a traditional witch, whatever that is and feel I have some unique frequencies coming through me for this work. I love the idea of creating a care package that you get every month, preparing you for the energy ahead. It’s a self care booster and a way to feel loved and like you have a friend in the world that understands. Because you do!!

So what’s gonna be in the cauldron??

For starters, some of the basics:

::universe juice intuitively made each month designed to assist with the collective energies

::a monthly collective reading on the current energies exclusive to subscribers

::intuitively chosen crystals or stones that I’ve charged with light codes

::a 5×7 print chosen to support you during the month

there will be other items I add to the kit as they come to me each month in order to transfer certain frequencies to you. I got you. ♥

For the larger cauldron option, it will include all of the above plus a custom 4×6 love note from the universe and an additional 5×7 watercolor print, intuitively chosen. 

The mini cauldron is a $50 value, offered for $40/month and the big cauldron is a $85 value, offered for $65/month. This is a sweet deal and custom made every month. I am asking for a three month at a time commitment that is taken care of via Paypal recurring payments. Shipping is included in both subscriptions. If you are international shipping, you have a separate option that includes higher shipping.

The first kit goes out at the beginning of January. If you sign up in the middle of a month, your three month subscription will start at the beginning of the following month.

cauldron sizes


*If you wish to cancel the recurring payment after the 3 months, you can do so in your paypal settings. I’m happy to point you in the right direction, should you need assistance.

*There is also an option in my shop for a one time purchase at regular price to try it out!