What's in the cauldron?

Hi Beautiful Person!

Welcome to the Starry Cauldron! In my cauldron, I am brewing galaxies, comets, supernovas all mixed with earthy goodness and a twist of weird humor. I put everything in my cauldron, my whole life. And what comes out is my very own unique brand of magic. We are all so magical and part of my magic is to show you what is possible and remind you of the magic portals in all of our lives.

My magic comes out in my art, photography and writing. I also make little witchy curios and various readings. Here’s where you can find my starry cauldron magic! Take a look around and I hope you feel free and loved.

Etsy: This is my online shop to get magical art and other witchy curios. My artwork is not just something to hang on the wall in your living room. As a cosmic channel, I make it with the intention to heal, open and ignite your energy field.

Photography: I love to capture magic through my lens. From portraits to mini sessions to weddings to anything weird you can dream up, I am all about telling your story with images. Let’s talk about what I can do for you.